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Business Consulting

Business Coaching

Business Consulting

For powerful, committed and open-minded people with vision and leadership who stand for outstanding results in their lives and their business.


We will train and develop you to perform with greater responsibility, accountability and commitment to your business and your customers. You will have a clear understanding of your personal and business values and vision and demonstrate a higher level of self-expression.


You will transform the “I’ll do my best” attitude to “I’ll get it done” attitude for yourself and others and you will learn how to build an environment of teamwork, excellence and results by creating “Win-Win” situations.


You will create and invent a new set of personal and professional operational practices that allow you to pursue your goals and be effective.

Conversation Between Colleagues
Business Meeting at a Cafe
Business Conference

How it works

This program consists of six to seven months of one-on-one coaching and consulting for one hour a week.  In this program, you and your coach will work on your business commitments through understanding your operational behaviors and their effect on your business. 


We follow these conversations with several electronic communications for “fine-tuning” your actions between sessions.  In this program, you will learn and implement systems and structures that will empower you to achieve your goals for your business and your personal life.



  • Accomplish more in less time.

  • Become a results producer now vs. a “someday, if I can” dreamer.

  • Overcome negativity in the workplace.

  • Invent and implement targeting, forecasting and tracking systems that allow you to be responsible for your business operations.

  • Move strategy into reality.

  • Foster honest and effective communications with your co-workers, employees and customers that make a difference.

  • Have higher self-confidence and effectiveness by developing “success attitudes.”

  • Shift the mindset from problems to solutions.

  • Train to focus on and achieve your personal and business purpose and goals.

Plan for Success
Team Training

Whether at home or at work, a strong organization begins with strong, healthy individuals.  When individuals work together in alignment, spectacular and synergistic results can occur for the whole organization.


  • You know how to measure productivity…
    But are you getting the results you want?


  • You have created successful programs and procedures…
    But are you getting the participation you need from others?


  • You know all about management…
    But is that enough to meet the demands of a rapidly changing environment?

Team & Organization Training

Do your plans for success include all aspects of organizational change?

There are two sides to organizational change:


I. The “Doing”. This side is about processes, measurement, tools, structures and procedures.

This side is about Management.


II. The “Being”. This side is about participation, commitment, attitude, creativity, overcoming resistance to change, and self-leadership.

This side is about Leadership.


Good management (the “Doing”) is not enough to create lasting growth. Change also requires leadership. Our powerful program is necessary to develop the “Being” side of businesses and organizations committed to sustainable change. By applying simple tools and concepts, desired changes in organizational performance occur through individual transformation.

How it works


This program is a 3 part series. Each individual section is powerful and can be used independent of the other sections (note: completion of each previous section is a prerequisite for the next). Each one occurs in a seminar or class setting. These seminars allow members of the organization to relate to each other and their accountabilities in a whole new way.  It allows managers to understand employees, and co-workers to understand managers.  Each member becomes responsible for his or her part in the organization’s success in an exciting and empowering way.  After attending these seminars, you will be able to create an environment of extraordinary communication, commitment, teamwork and productivity. 



In addition, we interview key position holders in your organization for a deeper understanding of their operational behaviors and what we can do to empower their commitment to the organization.  We will then give our recommendations to the executives.


Also you will have options of monthly and quarterly meetings to review the productivity and implementation of new systems, along with bi-weekly meetings with the selected executives or managers. 


Part One – Basic (2 Days)

Getting Into Communication & Creating Vision



  • How do you participate?

  • Internal Conversation

  • Effective Communication

  • Fulfillment Cycle

  • Personal Effectiveness

  • Responsibility & Accountability

  • Values & Vision

  • The Big List



  • Overcome negativity in the workplace.

  • Foster honest and effective communication with the people that make a difference in forwarding your organization’s purpose.

  • Communicate without resistance.

  • Shift attitudes from apathy to ownership.

  • Train as a team to perform with greater responsibility, accountability and commitment to your organization, your team and your customers.

  • Shift participant’s mindset from “problem” to “solution”.

  • Build an environment of teamwork and excellence that produces results by creating “Win-Win” situations.

  • Understand your professional and team-related operational behaviors to reduce stress and resentment.




Part Two - Advanced (1 Day)

Powerful Discipline & Time Management



  • Success Process

  • Asking 10 Effective Questions

  • Discipline

  • Disciplines for Success

  • Schedule & Time Management



  • Train your teams to accomplish more in less time.

  • Move strategy into reality.

  • Create innovative ways to solve organizational problems in a short time.

  • Keep all initiatives on track, not just the current headliners.

  • Reduce the number of meetings required to produce results.

  • Transform accountability, integrity, and responsibility from “good ideas” into actual practice.



Part Three - Mastery (1 Day)

Business Planning From Vision



  • Plan For Producing Results

  • Phases of Mastery

  • How to put Vision to Work

  • Project Management



  • Bring your organization’s vision to life by systematically applying it throughout all business areas, activities, and processes.

  • Create and invent a new set of professional and team-related operational practices that allow you to pursue your organizational goals and be effective.

  • Manage teams through inventing and implementing targeting, forecasting and tracking systems that allow you to be responsible for your business operations.

  • Develop individuals as leaders within an organization by empowering their ambitious dreams and goals.

  • Develop an entirely new experience of satisfaction, success, and commitment throughout the organization.



Leadership Development
Team & Organization

Executive Coaching

For those of you who have “arrived.”  Your business is a success by the high standards you have set for yourself.  Above the expectations of others and yet, you find yourself stuck, maybe even disappointed that this is all there is to it.


You may feel like the practices and tools you used to become a success in business have missed the mark in creating fulfillment, maintaining personal relationships or expressing who you truly are.


The Executive Coaching program at Primeco Consulting is designed to transform the executive beyond success and give you the tools to enjoy a lifetime of ongoing re-invention, personal and professional growth.  We will train you to create a future that pulls you forth and inspires you and those around you.

Executive Coaching one-on-one

How it works


Our structure consists of one year of one-on-one coaching and consulting sessions for two hours a month.  Together you and your coach will examine your core beliefs, your own authenticity, and what constitutes the foundation of your life. 


You will develop a clear understanding of your values, vision and goals and utilize this understanding to generate breakthrough results, bringing you to new levels of self expression, inspiration and fulfillment.

Executive Coaching one-on-one
Executive Coaching one-on-one



  • Learn the Success Process and the Fulfillment Cycle

  • Train you to invent a vision that recaptures your interests and brings you to new levels of accomplishment

  • Stretches your imagination and taps deeper into your personal self-expression

  • Puts your values, visions, and core beliefs to work for you in breakthrough capacities

  • Distinguishes communication barriers and designs approaches to transform these barriers into powerful tools for inspiration and fulfillment



Executive Coaching
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