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Coaching has grown to be highly popular. Many individuals, business owners or organizations managers find themselves needing a helping hand…or find themselves thrust in the role of offering advice to others. That is especially true of managers who, while conducting performance reviews, may find a need to provide specific feedback and advice about what to do to improve job performance to those individual employees or teams reporting to them.


It is an honor and a privilege for coaches to provide coaching for individuals, teams, organizations, and organizations’ leadership. In whatever capacity, these individuals or organizations are placing their trust in the coaches, as internal managers-as-coaches or as external professional coaches, trainers, facilitators, or consultants. In all these cases, coaches’ skills and competencies make a difference in developing the intent of coaching undertaken. This book and its authors utterly take this trust and professional responsibility and offer a systematic approach to high-performance coaching. It is written for you if you must offer coaching to help your clients or employees improve on-the-job performance.


While many approaches to coaching could help to facilitate performance improvement, the authors of this book favor a planned approach to coaching that is geared to helping others identify what they need to do to improve their job performance and productivity.  An effective high-performance coaching effort meets the needs of the organization and its people. It relies on a positive view of people and the situation and a strong effort to encourage participation and inclusion in all aspects of the coaching experience. 


This book provides a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to implementing a high-performance coaching effort for human resource practitioners, business coaches and consultants, managers of all kinds, and others interested in managing and improving human performance and increasing individuals and teams’ productivity. 


High-Performance Coaching for Managers - Book - Paperback

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