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For building a strong, empowering, and sustainable organizational culture that will inspire and motivate the workforce, there is a need for a systematic approach to establish a strong coaching environment within the organization as the foundation for managing and implementing the elements of such culture.

The Building an Organizational Coaching Culture book provides needed models, methods, and tools for the organization management to examine how their organizations and businesses have set up their support systems and existing culture. Building an Organizational Coaching Culture focuses on providing proven models, methods, and approaches to change interventions, training, and development for managers and leaders by establishing a sustainable coaching culture and using coaching skills to positively influence their workforce in the areas of critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration that will have a direct impact on performance and productivity.

It is not a surprise that the working world has been changing, especially during the last two decades. With the presence of globalization and automation, plus the international shortage of skilled workforce among developed nations on top of the fears of competition in the market, a strong interest in talent recruitment, management, development, and retention has been amplified.


Building an Organizational Coaching Culture pays attention to this sensitive matter. In this competitive market for keeping skilled and competent labor, organizations should ask themselves, “What do our employees want from us?” They want, a) experienced quality leadership and management, b) an opportunity to grow professionally, and to learn and develop their careers, c) a healthy, respectful, and safe work environment, and d) a workplace interested in diversity and inclusion. Only a strong, devoted and healthy organizational culture supported by organization management can and will create a working environment that supports such interests. This book will educate, support, and direct organizations’ management to build this culture.


This book not only provides information, knowledge, distinctions, and directions for developing an effective coaching culture process, but it provides a case study which illustrates how to conduct an executive coaching OD intervention. In addition, it  also includes a set of self-rating and self-evaluation practices for coaches so they can examen their own effectiveness and have opportunities to develop their skills and competencies in leadership and coaching.

Building an Organizational Coaching Culture - Book - Paperback

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