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Organization Development, Coaching and Consulting
Organization Development
Coaching and Consulting
Organization Development 

Create an influential organizational culture and positive working environment on the background of your inspiring vision, mission, and values that promote teamwork, productivity, and high performance.

Coaching and Consulting

Bring more joy, fulfillment and productivity to your life and business by empowering your qualities and values, by working with a personal and professional development expert.

Leadership Development
Training and  Development

Bring elements of effective training and development in leadership, communication and confidence to all areas of your life and your career and achieve your desire goals.

Keynote Speaking

Transform your view of yourself, others, life and productivity by bringing effectiveness to all areas of your life, personally and professionally.

Dr. Behnam Bakhshandeh, PhD

Books By Coach Behnam
High-Perfromance Coaching

Step-by-step approach to increase employees' performance and productivity.

Organization Development Interventions

How to implement OD Interventions and Change Processes.

Life Coaching

Coaching for Personal and Professional Development and Growth.

How to resolve Upsetting Issues
Powered by Transformational Technology of:

Understanding Upset, realizing what it is, and overcoming it to create harmony.

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Behnam Bakhshandeh, PhD, MPS

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