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Leadership Development


Conspiracy For Greatness Course

This program challenges the deeply-ingrained internal images and beliefs about yourself, others and how the world works, so that you can dissolve the limiting thoughts and barriers. The “Conspiracy for Greatness” course shows us just how powerful we are and how we can overcome limits we place on ourselves, our lives and our future.

In this powerful two-day course, we will examine the different areas of our lives, specifically, the areas that we have impacted with our own conspiracy for smallness and the arguments of our limitations both personally and professionally, such as:

Leadership Development
  • How are you getting in your own way as you become who you are?

  • How are you allowing your opinion to take over your relationships?

  • How are you judging both yourself and others?

  • How are you "killing off" people around you?

  • Are you moving through life, because you “have to,” or because you “love to”?

  • Do you have a vision for your life or are you just dragging your past with you?

Personal and Professional Development



  • We are on our own way
    Setting up the journey

  • How Do You Play in Life?
    Opinion vs. Possibility

  • Internal Conversation
    The Chatter that ties you down!

  • Conspiracy for Suffering
    Barriers to personal effectiveness

  • Own your life results
    Inspiration vs. Desperation



  • Vision and Values
    The forces that make things work!

  • Integrity, Responsibility and Accountability
    Your source of power, magic and miracle

  • Conspiracy for Greatness
    Creating and inventing practices that will support you

  • Acknowledgment and Empowerment
    Access to others' greatness

  • What does the rest of your life look like?
    What is next?

Power & Effectiveness Course

Prerequisite: Completion of "Conspiracy for Greatness" course

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Are you interested in enjoying a higher level of productivity?


How about having more time for yourself, your family, your friends or your career?


Would you like to know how to remain “present” in any situation and produce fulfilling results, even in the face of upsets?

We can either live from our To-Do list, or we can live from a Vision.


When we’re living from our To-Do list, we’re merely making it through the day and going through the motions. Not very inspiring! But there is another way to live.


We can live from our Vision! What does that mean? It means creating an action plan based on our life vision that excites us, inspires us, and calls us forward. Each one of us has a passion for life, even if we don’t yet know what that looks like, or how to access it.


When we hear the word “Discipline”, we often assume it means employing methods that are difficult and serious or too challenging-anything but fun! When you adopt discipline into your vision, running your life required less effort and can be lots of fun!


Do you struggle to follow your schedule? Is your time consumed by paperwork and to-do lists? Do you start projects without finishing them?

Power and Effectivness

In this powerful two-day course;


• We will teach you how to develop your focus and mindset, and how to behave effectively in any challenging situation.

• We will show you how you can shift your attention from yourself, your concerns and your upsets to your values, vision and goals.

• We will work with you to invent your action plan based on your “Life Vision” and put it into practice.

• You will be liberating you from your current perception of Time Management, Discipline & Schedule so these misconceptions will no longer hold you back from achieving your personal and professional goals.



  • Reviewing “Conspiracy for Greatness”
    Getting back on track.

  • How do you hear productivity?
    Where are you not paying attention?

  • The Power of Belief
    All realities are not invented equally.

  • Fulfillment Cycle
    Find the missing pieces!

  • Keys to Success
    Doing vs. Being.



  • Discipline
    The necessary force for success.

  • Schedule
    The bridge between failure & success!

  • Plan for producing results
    How are we going to do it!

  • Life Plan
    Making my vision a reality.

  • Asking 10 Effective Question
    Questions that matter.

Personal and Professional Development

Bravehearts-Leadership Development Training

This program is designed specifically for people who are committed to learning profound leadership skills to impact their relationships and results, both personally and professionally.  This can include salespeople, trainers, coaches, public speakers, managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders of all types.

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You will develop yourself as the kind of person who can successfully pursue their highest goals. We introduce transformational technology and strategic planning to impact your results as a leader in all areas of your life. Learn advanced, honest, and effective communication approaches that free you up, increase your ability to relate to others, and produce unprecedented results.

How it works


During this 9- to 10-month program, you will participate in 14 days of training and development.


Additionally, you will participate in a total of 14 sessions of one-hour-long conference calls designed for follow up and to identify and implement more effective communication and training practices.

Bravehearts Benefits


  • Confidence in speaking in public or in large groups

  • Learn how to create clear value for your clients (internal and external)

  • Distinguish communication barriers and design approaches to transform these barriers into powerful tools to inspire others

  • Produce breakthrough results in your communication and leadership development

  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness in your business and personal life

  • Put your values, visions, and core beliefs to work for you (and learn how to do this for others)

  • Vision, Values, and material necessary to succeed on-goingly

  • Learn advanced tools to create and impact your own future success

This training program provides:


  • Powerful methods for communication

  • Strong leadership skills

  • Powerful relationship to reality

  • Skillful management of groups & teams

  • Effective development for coaching & training others

  • Guidance and training materials

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Braveherats Fun Memories Last Forever

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