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Powerful Experience…
Empowering Awareness…
Long Lasting Results…
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"What happens to you in your life is insignificant in comparison
with what is happening to your inner self."
˜Behnam Bakhshandeh


Behnam Bakhshandeh
Author - Speaker - Executive Coach
Personal Development Expert
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Behnam Bakhshandeh is a dynamic author, speaker and executive coach with nearly two decades of hands-on experience working with individuals and organizations. He is an accomplished business manager and business development professional, known for producing extraordinary results in record time. He is a passionate, visionary leader who produces results. Behnam has helped countless businesses and thousands of individuals achieve their goals, success and peace of mind. He is known among his friends, family and clients to be a patient, compassionate and no-nonsense individual who loves to make a difference in all of his interactions with people.

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This step-by-step coaching book is intended to guide you through processes to access a peaceful, effective and fulfilling lifestyle personally and professionally. Behnam challenges the deeply-ingrained internal images and beliefs about yourself, others and how the world works, so that you can dissolve the limiting thoughts and barriers to your self-expression, freedom to be and productivity.

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Live with greater freedom, deeper commitment and higher accountability.

Clarify values, vision and goals for your personal and professional life.

Achieve unprecendented results in your career, finances, health and vitality.

You already possess the power. Our coaching program will show you how to use it!


We promise after participating in our programs you will…

  • Transform your view of yourself & others.
  • Empower your qualities & values.
  • Increase your productivity & success.
  • Strengthen your relationships & interests.

Are you ready to…

  • Get inspired by yourself & getting into action?
  • Be aware of your own greatness?
  • Step into a whole new level of productivity?
  • Have fun in life?

Our Audience, Participants & Clients will…

  • Inspire others to productive action
  • Recognize barriers to producing higher results
  • Increase leadership skills, personally & professionally
  • Be ready to take on new challenges in life

Transformation doesn't have to be significant!
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One of the best indicators of success is a satisfied customer

"After one event with Behnam my business shifted dramatically. We are making more money, having more fun and using less time than before. Thank you again for results that I can take to the bank."

Chris Heller – President - Keller Williams Realty -The Heller Group
San Diego, California

"It has been an eye-opening experience working with Behnam & Primeco Education. Discovering the truth about success begins with the ability to analyze oneself and behaviors in order to change."

Kim Magaletta - Manager - Coldwell Banker Gundaker
St. Charles, Missouri

"Buckle up your seat belt and hang on for the most incredible ride in discovering yourself and others in both your personal and business life."

Gary A. Green- Founder - MAGIC & Associates, LTD.
Plantersville, Texas

"As a person who has always been interested in having a high quality of life, Behnam expertise and the Primeco Education programs has been a driving force in helping me to achieve that quality."

Susan Kolesar – Owner - Artemis Media Group
Plains, Pennsylvania


"Between reasons, excuses and results, by end of the day
the only thing that counts are results."
˜Behnam Bakhshandeh


Some of our satisfied clients:

  • Keller Williams Realty, Encinitas, CA
  • Coldwell Banker Realty-St. Charles, MO
  • Renaissance Financial- Saint Louis, MO
  • Cosmoprof North America-Las Vegas, NV
  • TSA Symposium-Orlando, FL
  • Alchemy International-Long Beach, CA
  • Prudential Realty, San Diego, CA

Some of Behnam’s Published Articles:

  • Spirit Magazine – Saint Luis, MO
  • Vision Magazine – San Diego, CA
  • The Valley Advantage – Lackawanna Valley, PA
  • Del Condominium Life – Toronto, Canada
  • Canadian Hairstyles Magazine – Canada
  • Self Growth Website


Here's how to get started

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speaking event, team training and future program planning.

Primeco’s wide range of programs, events and coaching products are designed to
transform your view of life and fill it with purpose, fulfillment, productivity and joy!

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